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Write a short note on “The Voice of The Rain” analysis

Write a short note on “The Voice of The Rain” analysis

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  1. In the poem “The Voice of the Rain”, Walt Whitman gives his opinion regarding the poetry he writes for the people. In order to do that, he describes his imaginary talk with the rain. For him, rain is also poetry but of the earth whereas he himself is the poet of people.

    In the imaginary conversation, the rain tells him how she changes from liquid to gas and back to liquid. Her basic qualities remain the same but the process gives the earth and her inhabitants life. Thus her vaporising into the atmosphere and falling backing is vital for the earth.

    The poet says that like the rain, his poetry is also vital for the humanity. After writing, the poetry goes to different people, makes them happy or angry. They either like it or criticise. However, all these things when return to poet, they make him perfect.

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