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About Us

English Notes is a question-answer platform for the lovers of English Language and Literature. The site provides an opportunity to ask questions and provides the answers and build a brand online.

Our Vision

We aspire to bring the English Loving Community on a single platform on which literary discussions may take place on any topic that relates to English Literature and Language. Our vision is to provide quality answers and reviews to the community.

For this, we have an active team that either answer or closely monitors the answers provided by the community so that only accurate answers may and relevant answers may impart.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the literary knowledge available to each and every person on the earth.

To achieve the goal, we provide a platform for those having extensive knowledge of English Language and Literature to reach a larger audience and build a brand for themselves.

Hence we encourage the site visitors to post any type of question that strikes their mind and relates to the niche of the site.

Our Values

  • A Customised Profile Page: You will get a personalised profile page to show your presence.
  • Badges: Answer more questions accurately and you will earn more badges and level-ups.
  • Reporting: You can report any question/answer/profile/comment for spam or irrelevance.
  • Categories: Browse categories from the top menu to read answers from the desired topic.
  • Verified Profile Badge: After earning Level 4 Badge, you will get a verified profile badge.
  • Leaderboard: Those having answered maximum questions will have their profiles on the leaderboard with the earned points
  • Social Networking: Make friends, chat private, Follow topics and keep sharing.

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