What is the theme of the poem Geography Lesson?

What is the theme of the poem Geography Lesson?

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  1. The poem mainly deals with two important themes:

    1. How Earth Looks

    First how earth looks from height. The poet explains how it looks when the flight took off, then at a distance of 10000 feet and finally from 6 miles above. All the times, the view of earth was quite difference.

    Only after going to such a height, the poet understands why people have settled in an organised way. Water and land are the reasons that led to the establishment of civilisations along rivers.

    2. Division Among People

    The second and the most important theme of the poem is poet’s questions why people have divided themselves from each other. He wonders why there are border, why people hate each other and why shed blood.

    Earth is one, people were also supposed to be one and remain peacefully with each other. But instead, they have hate against each other. This is why there are borders.

    As the poet has seen partition and riots, the poem somehow reflects his experience of worst times.

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