What is the theme of Fear No More the Heat o the Sun?

What is the theme of Fear No More the Heat o the Sun?

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  1. There are mainly two themes in the poem Fear No More.

    • Freedom

    The first theme which we find in the poem is freedom. Traditionally death is considered as something which brings gloom and sorrow. However in this poem, the poet portrays a positive picture of death. According to him, death does not bring gloom. On contrary, it provides a person freedom from heat and cold, cruel master and tyrant ruler. A person is free from thoughts of earning.

    He is free from thunder and lightning, slanders and criticism, magic and witchcraft. In other words, he become peaceful a she has nothing to worry about. He lives peacefully in grave, his eternal home.

    • Equality

    The other important theme reflected in the poem is the idea of equality. According to the poet, every one is equal before the death. It does not discriminate between rich and a poor, a beautiful and an ugly, a scholar and an illiterate, a doctor and a royal, a strong and a weak. Every person has to die one day.

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