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Poonam Sharma

  1. The title of the poem i.e. Daffodils represent the beauty of nature. Daffodils were the main source of joy and happiness in the valley because he was wandering like a cloud over the hills and only daffodils made him to stop and lose himself in their beauty. Hence, daffodils depict how beautiful andRead more

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  2. Following literary devices have been used in the poem On the Grasshopper and the Cricket by John Keats: Personification: When the poet gives human characteristics to animals, plants or other non-living things. In the poem, the poet the Grasshopper using the word "he". One more example is "the frostRead more

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  3. The poet mainly uses imagery and alliteration in the poem. Examples of Imagery: walls symbolise borders and cities symbolise countries. Examples of Alliteration: (Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds in a line). e.g. "sprang into the sky",  "it scaked six inches", "why the valleys wereRead more

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  4. The poem mainly deals with two important themes: 1. How Earth Looks First how earth looks from height. The poet explains how it looks when the flight took off, then at a distance of 10000 feet and finally from 6 miles above. All the times, the view of earth was quite difference. Only after going toRead more

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