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  1. Following poetic devices have been used in the poem "The Laburnum Top" written by Ted Hughes - 1. Alliteration :- “(S)eptember s()unlight”, "a (s)uddeness, a (s)tartlement", "the whole (t)ree (t)rembles", "(w)histle-chirrup (w)hispering. 2. Simile: "then sleek as a lizard" 3. Metaphor: “a machine stRead more

  2. There are mainly three themes which I find in the poem. 1. Celebration of Youth - The poet describes the benefit of being young. According to him, a young person can do anything. He is courageous, lavish, pleasure-seeking, passionate, brave and adventurous unlike the old man who is weak, lame, joyleRead more

  3. The poem "Crabbed Age and Youth" discusses contrast between the young and the old. In the first reading we find that the poem is simply about goodness of being young and problems of being old. However if we go better, we find something quite different. This poem is about the differences between theRead more

  4. These words (youth I do adore thee) are spoken by a maiden in this poem. "Adore" means "love", "thee" means "you". The maiden says that he she loves youth because love is young a person must be young in order to be in love. An old person cannot fall in love.

  5. Following are the main literary/poetic devices used in the poem "The Voice of the Rain" by Walt Whitman. 1. Personification :- Rain is personified in the whole poem. The rain talks to the poet like a human. Here are some dialogues by the rain - "I am the Poem of Earth", "I descend to lave the drouthRead more

  6. The main theme reflected in this poem is the importance of cyclic nature of rain as well as the poetry of the poet. First, the water evaporates from seas and other water bodies to atmosphere. There it forms clouds which then come back to earth in the form of rain. The whole cycle of the water is vitRead more