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Poonam Sharma

A literarian

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  1. In the poem Still I rise, it means that her enemy her oppressors may abuse her with their words but she won’t give up anyway. Shooting words mean to use language for wrong purpose.

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  1. There are in total four stanzas without any constant numbers of lines. The poem is written without any rhyming scheme. It uses refrain too which means it repeats certain sentences again and again such as ‘Phenomenal woman’ and the part ‘that’s me’.

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  1. The whole body and mind of a woman becomes an extended symbol in the poem. Her arms are a symbol for her path to her dreams. Her lips become symbol of the words and expression. Dancing feet become symbol of joy.

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  1. The purpose is to instil confidence and freedom in one’s own self as much as anyone who reads it. The purpose is to liberate oneself and fellow women.

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  1. The message of phenomenal woman is to celebrates one’s own individual standard. It is to break out from the model of life created by the other gender or any oppressive society for a woman. The celebration of one’s inner strength and qualities instead of superficial ones is the primary message.

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  1. A phenomenal woman, in this poem, is any woman who doesn’t seek validity from a male dominated world. Someone who celebrates the way she is without trying to confirm to the standard created by others. A phenomenal woman celebrates her sexuality without any inhibition. She is mysterious and no one caRead more

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