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Justify the title of the poem The Voice of the Rain.

Justify the title of the poem The Voice of the Rain.

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  1. The title of the poem is quite significant. It depicts the imaginations of the poet. He is comparing the rain and its significance to the poetry and the significance of the poetry. According to the poet, he once asked the rain what it is which replied that she is the “Poem of the Earth

    So, the whole poem is about the poetry. The voice of the rain is nothing but the poetry which brings life and prosperity on the earth. Similarly, the poem also hold important position among society. It brings awareness among the people.

    Read summary of this poem.

  2. The title of the poem The Voice of the Rain by Walt Whitman is a fitting because it reflects the main theme of the poem. In the poem, Whitman uses personification to describe the rain as having a voice of its own, speaking to him of a variety of things. He also uses imagery to evoke a sense of awe and wonder as he contemplates the power of the rain and its impact on both the natural and human world. The title captures the essence of the poem, which is a meditation on the power and beauty of the rain, and its ability to both nourish and transform.

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