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I need “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” Poem Lesson Plan & Worksheet

I need “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” Poem Lesson Plan & Worksheet

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  1. The poem The Rose That Grew From Concrete by popular American Actor & Rapper Tupac Shakur is a symbolic and inspirational poem. For teaching this poem, one should follow the following Lesson Plan on the worksheet.

    Lesson 1: Background

    First, the teacher needs to tell students about the poet, his life as an actor and rapper in US and why he wrote this poem. Then he should tell about the meaning of inspirational poem and then about this poem as an inspirational one.

    Lesson 2: Summary

    Now that students are well aware of the background of poet as well as the poem, teacher should summarise the poem telling about rose plant’s struggle in coming out of concrete and going against the law of nature i.e. which is impossible and finally poet’s appreciation for the rose plant.

    Lesson 3: Poetic Devices

    Next, the teacher should tell about the literary devices used in the poem like symbolism, metaphor, personification and alliteration and also their importance in the poem.

    Lesson 4: Analysis

    Finally, he should discuss the deeper meaning of the poem including its theme. The teacher should tell his students how the poet uses rose plant as a symbol for human being and concrete as problems. He should then explain how a person can succeed in life like the rose.

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