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Give “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” Analysis.

Give “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” Analysis.

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  1. The poem The Rose That Grew From Concrete by 2pac, is an inspirational poem and quite symbolic. In the poem, the poet takes the example of a rose plant which has grown up on a concrete boundary. Logically it is impossible. However, the poet uses this image or symbol to inspire the readers.

    The rose plant needs soil, water, air, sunlight, soft ground to grow. However, it has no such favourable conditions. Still it dreams to grow up and get the fresh air. It struggles a lot and ultimately comes out of the concrete from a crack and succeeds in achieving its goal.

    Like the rose plant, we people also have big dreams. However like the concrete wall or floor, we too have a number of hurdles which always come in our way. Those who lose hope or don’t have enough focus and consistency fail. While those who have big dreams and dedicate their time, energy and focus ultimately succeed.

    Read the summary of the poem here.

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