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Explain “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” Theme.

Explain “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” Theme.

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  1. The main themes of the poem The Rose That Grew From Concrete are

    Nothing is impossible

    The coming out of a rose plant from a crack in the concrete is not possible according to the law of nature as a plant needs air, soil and soft land to come out. The concrete floor or wall does not allow any vegetation possible. However, the rose plant had dreamed of getting fresh air and living a life. It struggled a lot and ultimately succeeded in achieving its dream.

    Similarly, achieving one’s dream is considered very difficult as per the popular belief. When one tries to come out of his/her comfort zone, a number of people and other things come in his way which is like the concrete wall. They try making it impossible for one to achieve.

    However, those who remain consistent and keep struggling, ultimately succeed like the rose plant.


    Consistency and focus are the key elements for one to achieve one’s dream and succeed in life. The problems, which the poet calls concrete in the poem, always remain in the way of success and hinder one from achieving them. Those who lose hope, focus and consistency ultimately fail.

    However, those who remain focused and bravely face all the problems, criticisms and other negative things achieve their goals.

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