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Explain the theme of the poem “The Voice of the Rain”

Explain the theme of the poem “The Voice of the Rain”

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  1. The main theme reflected in this poem is the importance of cyclic nature of rain as well as the poetry of the poet. First, the water evaporates from seas and other water bodies to atmosphere. There it forms clouds which then come back to earth in the form of rain. The whole cycle of the water is vital for Earth. It is this cycle which makes the earth green and clean, It makes the life possible on earth.

    According to the poet, like rain, his poetry is also vital for humans. It also has cyclic nature – First it goes from the poet to different people. Then, it changes them either by teaching them or making them smile or encouraging them or helping them to solve some problem or struggle against something. Finally, it comes back to the poet along with happiness, criticism, suggestions etc.

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