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Explain the character sketch of Rani in Nagamandala by Girish Karnad

Explain the character sketch of Rani in Nagamandala by Girish Karnad

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    The main character of the story, Rani lives in a house with her mother. She lives in a small room which is very close to the outside. She is in love with a man named Nagamandala. She is a typical Indian girl who believes in arranged marriages. She wants to get married to Nagamandala but her parents do not agree to it as they fear the gossip and scandal.

    After being married to Nagamandala for some time, she finds out that he was previously married. Her parents agree to send her back to her husband however, after Rani gives birth to a baby girl, she decides to run away from her husband and leave her daughter with her parents. In the end, she meets Nagamandala again in a temple and they are married.

    The character of Rani represents the typical Indian woman who is completely dependent on her husband. The story highlights the idea that a woman should not be submissive to her husband. In this story, Rani leaves her husband because she does not want to be treated like a “slave”.

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    • In this drama the whole story revolves around Rani. Girish karnad portraits Rani as a voiceless and submissive character. The character Rani represents the women community, how women’s are treated in those days.
    • In this drama Husband Appana  is a sa-dist who treat his wife as a slave and lock her up in the house and spending his time with a prostitute. But he was not questioned by any  but when Rani gets pregnant he creates a huge scene  and get her to panjayat.  This is what Girish karnad trys to expose through this drama.

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