Elucidate Final Solutions as a play of social maladies

Elucidate Final Solutions as a play of social maladies

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  1. Mahesh Dattani in his play, Final Solutions, deals with the issue of communal tension simultaneously touching on the issues of domesticity, suppression of women, etc.

    Final Solutions doesn’t solve any problem and even goes on to problematize the ways of solving. Dattani doesn’t have any stand on the issue but represents the realistic picture of the society. One can argue that Mahesh Dattani is playing a safe game by not taking any side on the issue but, I think, that most sensible way of presenting such pictures to the audience because taking a stand will not solve any problem either. That will problematize the issue and will itself help to segregate the masses which Dattani is not in favour of.  It can be argued that Dattani is preaching secularism as the best way of living life and working in society. Dattani’s approaches to the issue are that of kind of playwright who doesn’t want the audience to give a readymade answer to problems but he wants spectators to think and try to find solutions on their own.

    The title of the play Final Solution seem to suggest a final solution to this problem but the in the play it doesn’t look that simple. Dattani problematizes the point of any final solution by showing us the reality of people’s mind which won’t let us reach any conclusion or solution of the problem.

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