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Discuss the theme of Nagamandala by Girish Karnad

Discuss the theme of Nagamandala by Girish Karnad

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  1. One theme is about women’s independence. Women should not be dependent on their husbands. They should not follow what their husbands want them to do. Women should not be treated like slaves. This story shows how a woman can live on her own and be independent.

    Another theme is the love between a husband and a wife. Rani is very attached to Nagamandala. He is the only one who is able to understand her feelings. He is very attached to her and his love for her never dies. But Rani’s love for him is different from Nagamandala’s love for him.

    The way Nagamandala loves Rani is by being the only one who can understand her feelings. Nagamandala does not love Rani because of any physical beauty or charm of hers. In the beginning of the film, Rani was a very beautiful girl.

    As time passes by, her beauty starts fading away. But Rani does not accept it. She says that she has always been beautiful and will always be beautiful. Her beauty is not due to any external factors. It is her inner beauty that is reflected on her face.

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