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Write the character sketch of Hardika in Final Solutions

Write the character sketch of Hardika in Final Solutions

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  1. Hardika, along with Javed, is the most important characters for us to understand the psychology of people who have stereotypical notions and prejudiced thoughts about. It is also important to note that it is because of stereotypes and prejudices that people persuade themselves to commit inhumane acts such as murders and riots

    Hardika has the scare of the loss that she suffered in Hussainabad by the hands of Muslims which made her prejudiced against Muslims and because of this prejudice Hardika cannot like Javed but has a favourable opinion for Bobby. The reason for her having no problem with Bobby is that she thinks Bobby is Hindu as the name suggests. Hardika and Javed are both against each other; they have no connection to each other’s problem. They suggest the common human psyche in such situations.

    Hardika and Javed are the products of a discourse in which the image of a targeted community is projected as being ‘other’, which fills people with hatred for each other. This hatred further leads to the next step of releasing the frustration caused by the toxic of hate leading to riots,–because of which they are prejudiced and have forgotten human values.

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