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Discuss the major theme in Kamala Das poetry

Discuss the major theme in Kamala Das poetry

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  1. The major themes in the poetry of Kamala Das comes from her life which she lived as boldly as possible. She is a confessional poet which means her themes come from her private history.

    1. Love of a woman – Most of her poems show her disappointment which is common to all women regarding love. Her poetry expresses her longing as a woman which remains unfulfilled.
    2. Marriage – The poetry of Kamala Das deals with the subtle nuances and the major aspects of marriage. In a patriarchal society, women are the ones who suffer more in a marriage if it is one without love and respect. Her poems show the ranges of feelings one goes through in marriage.
    3. Womanliness – It is a major theme of Kamala Das as she celebrates her womanliness through poetry vividly. She depicts a crucial self-knowledge of a woman in all shades. Spirituality – Her poetry also deals with the spiritual concerns of an individual. Towards the end of her life, she converted to Islam which shows her constant search in spiritual domain. In her poems, Radha and Krishna also feature many times to symbolise her own aspirations.
    4. Social Issues – As a poet from Kerala, she was intensely aware of the social issues and the political mobilisation which resulted from them. She is quite sentimental about it. Many of her poems show her observations of poor and downtrodden and the ones who come from margin.

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