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Explain An Introduction as an autobiographical poem

Explain An Introduction as an autobiographical poem

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  1. Lucifer
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    An Introduction by Kamala Das is a confessional poem in which she is talking about herself. The whole poem is about her miserable life as a woman in the patriarchal society. In the very beginning the poet says that the names of all the rulers of our country that she remembers do not have females. So our country is patriarchal in which woman have no place.

    She then narrates how she is often criticised for talking in english. She further tells us that she was married off to an old man in young age as her body seemed to be mature. According to her, her husband would use her for satisfying his lust. He had no intention of loving or understanding her.

    Kamala further says that she did not like her womanly body and hence she tried to become a man. But the society did not accept this and she was criticised for taking on the attire of men. Finally she says that she is a human being and thus desires to be treated like one. She does not want to be a toy or an object of sexual pleasure.

    Thus the whole poem is about Kamala Das and her own life.

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