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Write a note on critical analysis of the poem The Patriot

Write a note on critical analysis of the poem The Patriot

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  1. Lucifer
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    The narrator of the poem, Patriot tells us how popular he was once because of his loyalty and bravery. He was respected by the people. They used to celebrate his grand success. However, after a year, he lost his glory and respect which he doesn’t mention in the poem.

    He is rather hated now and is about to be executed publicly because of some mistake he has done recently. However, he is not ashamed of it as he thinks that he is right and will be welcomed in Paradise by God as He knows his truthfulness.

    The poem throws light on the idea of patriotism in a country. e.g. a person respecting a cruel ruler is a patriot and the one who opposes him will also be a patriot. In the context of the poem, we can imagine that the patriot might be one of the loyal soldiers of a ruler who might have been overthrown by another one.

    And now once been a patriot is rather a traitor in the eyes of the new ruler. However, this is my general perception and not the truth and thus should not be believed.

    Read the detailed summary of the poem.

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