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Write a Note on the Imagery Used in the Poem “The Patriot”

Write a Note on the Imagery Used in the Poem “The Patriot”

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  1. Lucifer
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    In the Dramatic Monologue “The Patriot”, Robert Browning uses imagery to show his glory in the beginning and tragic end of his life in the end.

    In the beginning, the patriot says that when he came back from a war after winning, there were “roses, rose…with myrtle”. In addition, there were so many people on the roofs of houses (to welcome him) that “house-roofs seemed to heave and sway” and the flags were waving on the top of Churches. It looked like “church-spires flamed”. All these images show how Patriot was treated by the people when he came victoriously.

    However, after 1 year, he is going to be executed because he tried to do too much for them. Now, nobody praises or supports him. There are “just a palsied few at the window set”. The word “palsied” depicts their cold behaviour towards the Patriot. However most of them have gathered to see him hanging. It is raining and he is bleeding as people are throwing stones at him.

    He describes his execution scene as follows, “Thus I entered, and thus I go!” meaning that he was not giving a moment and stoned to death.

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