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Give a critical appreciation of the poem The Patriot

Give a critical appreciation of the poem The Patriot

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  1. In this poem, we find three important things which the poet is trying to depict.

    1. First, the people change and so their sentiments. The people praised the patriot a lot on his victory and loyalty for the country. However after a year, the same people were either cursing him or throwing stones at him till he died.
    The reason for such a hate among the people was some sort of misunderstanding. Once a big fan of the patriot are now haters of him. However the patriot has no complains against them as he believes that his love and loyalty for the country will finally be rewarded in the afterlife.

    2. Second important thing worth noticing in the poem is poet’s and patriot’s optimism. In spite of being betrayed by his country and the people because of misunderstanding, the patriot remains optimistic. While he is taken to be executed, he says that he will be rewarded for his bravery in the afterlife. It shows patriot and thus the poet’s belief in God. It is this belief which makes people optimistic and hopeful even in the worst and fatal situations like the one in the poem.

    3. Third important thing I find in the poem is the idea of war. It is rightly said “everything is fair in love and war”. Throughout the history, war has always harmed humanity. The patriot being a loyal soldier of his country kills other people who are also brave soldiers of their countries. However, as he is victorious, he is praised, but after a year, he too suffers the same fate. Hence war a curse on humanity.

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