What literary devices are used in the poem The Dolphins?

What literary devices are used in the poem The Dolphins?

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    Following literary devices have been used in the poem, “The Dolphins”:-

    1. Alliteration:- it is the lyrical musicality of the poem since it refers to the repetition of  a speech sound in a sequence of nearby words. Over here it occurs when the poet says “silver skin” or “deepen to dream.”

    2. Anthropomorphism:- it assigns human characteristics to non-human entities like animals or non-inanimate objects. The poet here narrates the poem from the perspective of the Dolphins making them sound capable of thoughts and actions just like humans.

    3. Simile:- it an elaborate comparison is made between two distinctly different things, and it is explicitly indicated by the word ‘like’ or ‘as.’ Over here the simile is used when the speaker says, “we see our silver skin flash by like memory of somewhere else.”

    4. Metaphor:- it refers to any word or expression that in literal usage denotes one kind of thing is applied to a distinctly different kind of thing without asserting a comparison. It is used in the poem when the speaker describes the guilt of the humans by saying, “constant flowing guilt.”

    5. Assonance:- it is the repetition of identical or similar vowels in a sequence of nearby words as seen in the poem, “World is what you swiin, or dance, it is simple.”

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