What is the theme of the poem The Rain?

What is the theme of the poem The Rain?

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  1. The poem The Rain is about the differences between the rich and the poor. In the poem the poet says that the rich leaves i.e. the rich people take away all the money and the worldly things and give to the poor which is left behind. Hence, there remains a big difference between the rich and the poor.

    However he hopes for a day when divine light of God will shine every person without any discrimination. The poet says that that will be a great day.  This particular day, which the poet hopes for, is perhaps when every person will die and appear before God.

    Read summary of this poem.

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  3. These metaphors mean that the rich get a golden chance first and whatever remains, trickle down to the poor. sunshine which spreads all over the world without difference and equally. This sunshine is alike for the rich green and poor leaves.

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