What is the theme of the poem On Killing a Tree?

What is the theme of the poem On Killing a Tree?

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  1. There are mainly two themes in the poem On Killing a Tree:


    Usually, we read about cutting of trees and its impact on environment. However it does not invoke any sympathy or pity in our hearts. But, in this poem, the poet takes a different approach to explain the cutting of trees. He describes how tree is killed. It involves hitting it with knives and axes.

    However it does not fully cut the trees because the roots are deep inside the earth. So, humans go to another level for cutting the trees. We pull out the roots which are most sensitive part of trees. We expose them to sun where they become dead and finally the tree is dead. All these steps involved are cruel and invoke the feeling of sympathy among the readers. This way, the poet hopes that we won’t cut trees and respect them.

    We are connected with earth

    A deeper theme which we find in the poem is our inseparable connection with earth. We live on earth, get everything from it. If we are separated from it, we won’t be able to live. So, instead of destroying our environment, we should take measures to protect it.

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