What is the significance of the title of Quality by John Galsworthy?

What is the significance of the title of Quality by John Galsworthy?

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  1. The story is about the the hard work of Mr Gessler  and his brother and their exceptional honesty, resolution, compassion, humility and commitment. They used to dedicate their complete energy in making boots and the quality reflected in them. According to the author, the boots would never tear for years and hence in spite of his desire, he could not go to Gessler Brothers.

    With the time, new factories emerged that manufactured cheaper boots though they were not durable. This affected the Gessler Brothers’ business and they died.

    The title of the story “Quality” describes the decline of quality because of industrialisation. It took away the bread and butter of artisans, craftsmen and those who loved doing their work.

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  2. Q. Appropriateness of the title “Quality”.

    Ans- Gailsworthy’s short story, “Quality”, is an excellent story dealing with an universal conflict between artisans of finesse and automation.

    Gessler brothers dealt in shoes. They had a small shop for material purpose. They made and sold custom-made shoes, their shoes were durable, comfort and high-quality which never made any cracking sound under any pressure from any feet they didn’t believe in ornamentation or showing off their shoes but their shoes lasted long.

    even the narrator felt kind of frustrated with the longevity of the shoes and commented humourously, “Nemesis fell ! They lasted more terribly than ever”. There were no cracking or blisters and the customers like narrator were very much satisfied with Gesslers shoes. In fact they earned quite a name in the trade of London.

    The Gesslers were excellent show makers. They almost infuse a slice of their soul in the artistry of shoe making. Their capital was their customer satisfaction. They were very much honest and determined that they will never compromise with quality. Therefore They continued their trade with the old and slow process without compromising with the quality.

    As a result of industrial revolution in England, advert of automation and mass production was felt necessary by the captains of industry.

    Monstrous machines were installed for mass production. Goods were produced massively and with an unbelievable speed. A variety of designs were produced. Finished Products were advertised drawing the attention of the consumer. There was an extreme aggression in marketing and sales.

    The Gessler couldn’t foresee it. They remained engrossed in the artistry of shoemaking. They Where like the silkworm in the cocoons, when they woke to the reality, it was late. They didn’t knew That time cannot be imprisoned by anybody. Its omnipotent. It flows like a river. Their time was gone. They tried, however to fight and unequal combat against automation and mass production with his skills, artistry and craftsmanship. But they lacked business sense and acumen. They where traders of shoes but behaved like an artist. Their Production of shoes couldn’t match with the production of large industries in terms of variety, price, productivity and other means of production. The Big houses didn’t care for the quality as they thought they were not connoisseur of shoes, so they don’t need quality but they likeed the variety, low price and ready stock.

    Arnish Ali Khan

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