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“John Brown is a modern ballad”. Comment.

“John Brown is a modern ballad”. Comment.

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  1. The poem ‘John Brown ‘  by “Bob Dylan” is considered a modern ballad as it criticizes the ritual of war .

    Throughout the poem the poet has shown the ill effects of war .

    The mother of John Brown was very happy that his son is going to fight in the battlefield . In the beginning she romanticizes war and feels proud of his son .

    But by the end of the poem her romanticism about war transforms to criticism . When she encounter her son , she was shocked to see that his face was shot up , his hand was blown off ; he was wearing a metal belt on his waist that gives him support to stand …..even his voice was changed .

    When his mother asked him about the reason of his bad condition , John Brown became sarcastic of his mother and her idea of glory in the war .

    John Brown explains tot ha readers that in the war we are just tryin to protect us or kill someone of same kind , we are just like puppets in the hands of the government. The idea of war is disgusting , it only brings destruction of life and property .

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