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What is the message of the poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers?

What is the message of the poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers?

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  1. Women have been subjected to patriarchal norms and had to live under the dominance of males throughout the ages. Even in the poem, Aunt Jennifer is a victim of failed marriage and patriarchal husband who controls her life.

    But the poem gives the message of women emancipation and upliftment not by revolting against their husbands but by expressing themselves in art. Art is free unlike women’s married life. It is everlasting unlike humans life. And finally, it is a world in which women can escape and feel better.

    In the poem, the tigers which Aunt Jennifer carves are totally different than her. They are bold, fearless, courageous and move in chivalrous way. On the other hand, Aunt Jennifer herself is a victim of failed marriage. Her husband controls her life. She always remain afraid. Her fingers tremble like birds flutter.

    The poet says that, the ring of her marriage will remain on her fingers even after death. However her art (the tigers) will always remain bold and fearless.

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