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What are the literary devices used in Sonnet 106?

What are the literary devices used in Sonnet 106?

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  1. Following poetic devices/figures of speech have been used in Sonnet 106:

    1. Metaphor: It is a literary device that is used to make a direct comparison between two things without the use of as or like. In the poem, wasted time refers to history, wights refer to people, beauty refers to beautiful people, antique pen refers to the old poets.
    2. Personification: It refers to the attribution of human characteristics to non-human things and living beings. e.g. antique pen refers to the old poets, beauty refers to human beings.
    3. Enjambment: It is the continuing a line after the line breaks. In the poem, the first sentence continues to several line.
    4. Alliteration: It is the repetition of initial consonant sounds in two or more neighbouring words or syllables. e.g.beauty making beautiful”, “ladies dead and lovely knights”, “praises are but prophesies”  “for wwhich now”.

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