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Explain the social picture of Modern Age in Modern Poetry

Explain the social picture of Modern Age in Modern Poetry

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  1. The ugliest social picture of modern society represented modren poetry is the hypocrisy of human beings.The society at that time was flamboyant outwardly but vacant inwardly as people were showy and their activities were so-called humanistic.all the social aspect such as Love, Faith,Religion,Philanthropy,etc.

  2. Modern poetry reflects the social picture of the Modern Age through its exploration of themes such as individualism, technology, and urbanization. In this era of rapid industrialization and globalization, poets have used their craft to comment on the societal changes and challenges of the times. They have portrayed the struggles of individuals in navigating an increasingly fragmented and complex world, as well as the impact of advancements in science and technology on human relationships and the natural environment.

    Modern poetry also reflects the growing urbanization of society, with poems often depicting the alienation and anonymity experienced in bustling cities. Through their powerful words, modern poets have painted a vivid social picture of the Modern Age, capturing the essence of the human experience in a rapidly changing world.

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