how to respond to jealousy?

how to respond to jealousy?

1 Answer

  1. People jealous or envious of others usually fall into four categories:
    1. They themselves are lacking in some way. They don’t have anything worthwhile.
    2. They feel inadequate, and they lack confidence and self-esteem.
    3. They feel insecure about their relationships and/or careers.
    4. They suffer from low self-esteem. They have a hard time believing in themselves.

    You can respond to jealousy in the following way:

    1. Be super awesome at everything you do.
    2. Stop being jealous
    3. Don’t lie
    4. Never dwell on it.
    5. Have your own thing going on.
    6. Be grateful for what you have.
    7. Stop comparing yourself to others.
    8. Say nice things to people.

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