how to ask your boss for more work?

how to ask your boss for more work?

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    You can say,

    1. “I’d love to get a chance to take on a bigger project.”
    2. “I’m interested in trying something new. What would be an opportunity you think I could usefully apply my skills to?”
    3. “I’m really happy with what I’m doing now, but if there’s any way I could help out on the business side, I’d be happy to do that.”
    4. “I’m really enjoying working with this team, but if I could help you with anything, I’d be more than happy to.”
    5. “It would be great if we could do a project together.”
    6. “What are some things you need done right now?”
    7. “I’m interested in learning more about your industry and how we can work together. How might we start doing that?”
    8. “How can I help you to grow your business?”
    9. “Can I take on some responsibility in the future? What would be a good opportunity for me to expand my role?”
    10. “I’m looking forward to seeing what’s possible. How do we get started?”

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