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Give Critical Analysis of On His Blindness by John Milton

Give Critical Analysis of On His Blindness by John Milton

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    The poem On His Blindness by John Milton is about poet’s journey from mourning over the loss of his eyesight to his submission and acceptance of God’s Will. The poem is a sonnet.

    Stanza 1

    In the first stanza, the poet thinks how he used to write poetry by using the talent which was given to him. However, it is useless now as he has lost his eyesight and this talent is rather a burden for him which he has to bear.
    In this stanza, we find the poet’s sorrowful condition because of his inability to use his talent. Without his eyesight, the talent of writing poetry is nothing but a burden for him.

    Stanza 2

    In Stanza 2, the poet is questioning himself how God will treat him on the Day of Judgement because of his inability to use the talent of writing poetry. The poet in this stanza seems to be frightened of Day of Judgement.

    Stanza 3

    In this stanza, he tries to calm himself by telling himself that God will not inquire about his talent as He Himself has taken away his eyesight. Thus the poet seems to have accepted his fate. According to him, by bearing the burden of blindness, he will be serving God.


    In the final couplet, the poet quotes the example of angels. Some angels serve God by obeying His orders who other serve just by standing and waiting.
    The poem also reflects the poet’s firm belief in God.

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