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Give “Abou Ben Adhem” Poem Explanation.

Give “Abou Ben Adhem” Poem Explanation.

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  1. The poem Abou Ben Adhem by James Henry Leigh Hunt is about a Sufi Saint of Persiawho wakes up one night and finds an angel in his room during the Islamic month of Sha’aban. However, he does not fear. He sees that the angel has a Divine Book in which he is writing the names of the people who love God.

    Seeing this, he asks the angel if his (Abou Ben Adhem’s) is also there and angel replies “no”. Abou Ben Adhem does get disheartened but rather than losing hope requests the angels to inscribe his name in the list of those who love other humans.

    Next day, the angel again appears before Abou Ben Adhem in the night and again shows the inscribed names in the Divine Book of those who love God. To his surprise, he finds his name on the top of the list, leading others. This happened because of his love for the humankind and this is the message of this poem.

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