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Explain the setting of the poem, the patriot

Explain the setting of the poem, the patriot

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    The poem starts with the Patriot, who is the speaker himself, being welcomed but the poeple of his country. They are talking highly of him, his valor and his honesty. The whole town has been decorated and the people are cheering so loudly that the “air broke into a mist with bells.” People are proud of his good deeds and the Patriot knows within the heart of hearts that he will do anything for the better of his countrymen. However tragic strikes when after exactly a year, the Patriot is being dragged away to be executed. The society has shunned him because of one misdeed which he committed. They have forgotten all the good deeds done by the patriot and the patriot is in grief over the attitude of the people. His only hope remains in God and he wishes to find his sense of peace and justice once he reaches the afterlife as God is aware of all truthfulness.

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