Explain On His Blindness as a religious poem

Explain On His Blindness as a religious poem

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  1. The poem On His Blindness is a religious poem in which the poet is talking about serving God. According to him, he used to serve God by using the talent of writing the poetry for people. But now, he has turned blind and cannot use his talent. This is why he cannot serve Him now. This makes him sad.

    However he soon realises that God does not need his talent. Instead, those who bear the burden which they have also serve him. He cites the example of angels to prove this. According to him, there are thousands of angels which move with light speed over the lands and oceans to fulfil the orders of God.

    However, there are some other angels who just stand and wait for His order. They also serve God by just standing. Similarly, poet assumes that he is serving God by bearing the troubles of his blindness and thus he feel better and hopeful.

    The whole poem is thus about pleasing and serving God. It shows poet’s full belief on God.

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