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Describe “Daffodils” Poem Theme.

Describe “Daffodils” Poem Theme.

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  1. Following are the main themes in the poem Daffodils or I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud:

    Theme of Nature

    Nature is the centre of all the Romantic Poets and William Wordsworth is no exception. In the poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, nature holds the most important position. They poet describes they he wandered in the valleys and on the hills like a cloud.

    So, instead of being in the comforts of city, the poet prefers to be in the nature. He suddenly sees a large number of daffodils which make his joyful and energetic. He imagines as if they are too many in number and are dancing in happiness. For the poet (i.e. Romantic Poet), watching them is the most pleasant thing.

    In the final stanzas, the poet says that whenever he feels sad, the memories of those daffodils flash in his mind and suddenly his mood is changed. He feels happy and joyful.

    Theme of Happiness

    In this poem, happiness is because of nature. For the poet, happiness is nothing but wandering in the green valleys, walking on the hills and watching the daffodils which are blooming along the lake. The poet keeps watching them for long and imagines as if they are dancing in joy.

    For the poet, joy in watching those daffodils is his wealth. Whenever he feels upset and sad, he thinks of daffodils and his mood is changed.

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