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Critically Analyse the Poem “Looking for a Cousin on a Swing” by AK Ramanujan.

Critically Analyse the Poem “Looking for a Cousin on a Swing” by AK Ramanujan.

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  1. The poem Looking for a Cousin on a Swing by AK Ramanujan is about an immature sexual encounter of the poet with his cousin and her desire for the same after she becomes adult and mature. During their childhood, they came into contact with each other physically on a swing in the village and the girl felt the poet and was sexually aroused.

    The poet then cites the example of a fig tree to symbolise their immature love like that of Adam and Eve yet they were innocent about it. After growing up, his cousin memorises that sexual encounter and desires to achieve it in the city. Being quite lustful she is ready to submit herself to anyone who would touch her genitals and also have sex with her.

    The poem is quite symbolic. The poet here is critical of the rites and rituals of his community. Love and marriage between cousins are not allowed in Hinduism and because of this poet and his cousin probably separated. Whether she is married or not, it is not clear. However it quite known in the poem that her sexual desires have not been fulfilled.

    She is longing for that immature touch of the poet and those pleasurable feelings of the swing. Being thirsty for sex for long, she is now ready to submit to anyone who would give her pleasure and fertilize her.

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