Write character of klausner in the sound machine

Write character of klausner in the sound machine

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    Klausner, the protagonist of the story, was an eccentric amateur scientist. He was a frail man, nervous and twitchy, with always moving hands. His large head was inclined towards his left shoulder as though his neck were not quite strong enough to support it rigidly. He was a frail, nervous, twitchy little man, a moth of a man, dreamy and distracted; suddenly flattering and animated. The public at large and even his neighbors and the doctor thought him to be mad but harmless. He was incredibly passionate but no one understood his inventions. He worked for the betterment of others even my making scientific advancements but was shunned because of his eccentricities. Klausner was obsessed with the titular sound machine and not once was he seen doing anything else. He was so obsessed to set his theory right that he kept on inflicting pain on the plants despite being regretful for his actions. He was also a violent man when it came to anyone disobeying his orders as seen in the end. When the doctor was refusing his silly idea of stitching up the tree, Klausner took up an angry stance with the axe. Klausner represented the ideal mad scientist seen in science fiction stories.

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