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Write an Obituary for the Nightingale.

Write an Obituary for the Nightingale.

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  1. Here is the Obituary for the Nightingale. I pray to God to give the nightingale eternal peace in heaven. May the innocent and kind soul of the bird rest in peace. The Nightingale was very shy, timid and innocent. Her voice was very sweet. There was a magic in her songs which hypnotised other animals even including her enemy i.e. frog.

    Being innocent and inexperienced, she failed to recognise the real face of the frog. As she had less self-confidence and belief in her skills, she became a victim of frog’s jealousy who could not tolerate nightingale’s popularity. She was exploited and ultimately led to death. I pray to God to let her taste the success and let her enjoy her skills in heaven.

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