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Write a note the Manipulation in Macbeth.

Write a note the Manipulation in Macbeth.

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  1. In Macbeth a central theme is of manipulation and especially by feminine characters like the witches and Lady Macbeth.

    The three witches use their prophecy and magic to persuade Macbeth into murders that he did not want to commit. They conjure ghosts and spirits to create a sense of inescapable destiny and fate to overwhelm Macbeth into peaceful submission.

    Similarly, Lady Macbeth brainwashes her husband into evil acts in order to satisfy her own hunger for the crown and power. She sees no have the magic of the witches, but uses her words to attack Macbeth’s masculine ego and self-esteem and challenges him to prove his manliness by taking blood for honor. She even incites him to further murders to sustain the ill-gotten throne.

    Manipulation, in a positive sense, is also used by Macduff to convince Prince Malcolm to take back the reigns from Macbeth, who murdered their respective families.

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