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Write a Note on Princess September Analysis

Write a Note on Princess September Analysis

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  1. The short story Princess September by Somerset Maugham revolves around the idea of freedom. The princesses except for Princess September keep their parrots encaged. But on the other hand, when a nightingale comes to Princess September, she decides not to encage it.

    The Nightingale, which remains free comes every day with new things and Princess September as well as King and Queen listen to it carefully. The encaged parrots lack this creativity because of their slavery.

    The author wants the readers to know about the importance of freedom in one’s life. A person can never be creative, smart and attractive if he is enslaved. The creativity comes only when someone is mentally as well as physically free. The same applies to the birds as well. The birds which remain free remain beautiful and attractive and amuse us with their sweet voices while those encaged remain dull.

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