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Write a note on character sketch of Queen Gulnar

Write a note on character sketch of Queen Gulnar

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  1. Queen Gulnaar is living a life which any human on earth would dream of. She remains laden with costly ornaments all the time. She is as beautiful as a rose. Her chamber is full of costly stones and other decorative things. There is no one as beautiful as Queen Gulnaar. No one can question her or compete her.

    However she does not appear to be happy with this kind of life. She calls splendour empty and bliss (joy) hollow. She is tired of her beauty. She thus desires to have a rival who would compete with her in terms of beauty, richness etc. Although King Feroz brings seven beautiful brides for her, she still remains unsatisfied.

    Finally, when her daughter takes away mirror from her and teases her, Queen Gulnaar feels satisfied. Thus for her all the comfort and beauty is useless in front of the feeling of motherhood. Although she is a queen, she longs to become a mother and this feeling is most precious for her.

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  2. Queen Gulnaar leads a life that seems to embody the epitome of luxury and beauty, enviable by any individual on Earth. Adorned with exquisite and valuable ornaments, she radiates a captivating beauty that can only be compared to the delicate elegance of a rose. Her chamber is a sight to behold, brimming with precious gemstones and other ornamental treasures that enhance its opulence. Queen Gulnaar’s unparalleled beauty sets her apart from all others, making her unrivaled and beyond reproach.

    Paradoxically, despite her seemingly perfect existence, Queen Gulnaar finds herself dissatisfied and unfulfilled within this extravagant lifestyle. She perceives splendor as devoid of substance, and joy as hollow and ephemeral. The monotony of her own beauty wearies her, leaving her yearning for a rival who can match her in terms of physical allure and material wealth. Even when King Feroz endeavors to satisfy her desires by presenting her with seven exceptionally beautiful brides, Queen Gulnaar’s discontent persists.

    However, it is a seemingly innocuous incident that ultimately brings contentment to Queen Gulnaar’s restless heart. When her daughter playfully takes away her mirror and teases her, the queen experiences a sense of fulfillment that had eluded her thus far. In that moment, she realizes that all the comfort and beauty she possesses pale in comparison to the profound and irreplaceable feeling of motherhood. Despite her elevated status as queen, her deepest longing lies in embracing the role of a mother, as that sentiment holds the utmost value and significance in her life.

    This realization marks a transformative point in Queen Gulnaar’s journey, as it unveils the true essence of happiness and fulfillment that she had been searching for. Through the lens of motherhood, she discovers the genuine and enduring source of joy that transcends superficial appearances and material possessions. Queen Gulnaar’s longing to nurture and love a child supersedes all the external trappings of her regal existence, reaffirming the primacy of emotional connections and human experiences over external adornments.

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