Write a Note on Character Sketch of Princess September

Write a Note on Character Sketch of Princess September

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  1. Princess September is the 9th and the youngest princess of a King. The king gifts all of the princesses a parrot each. However, the parrot of Princess September dies soon leaving her alone and sorrowful. But one day, a nightingale comes to her and starts singing sweet songs turning her sorrow and grief into joy and happiness.

    Unlike other princesses, she does not encage the nightingale. However, when the latter returns late to her, she finally encages her on the advice of other princesses. But soon she realises that nightingale doesn’t sing. Being wise, she frees it at once and the latter thanks to her.

    As time passes, she enjoys the freedom with the nightingale while other princesses remain dull with their parrots. She grows into a beautiful lady and hence is married to a king while other princesses are married to ordinary officials of the king.

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