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Write a detailed summary of Unbeatable Super Mom – Mary Kom

Write a detailed summary of Unbeatable Super Mom – Mary Kom

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    In this essay and interview, the author talks about the Olympic winner of boxing, Mary Kom. The author shows through Mary Kom that it’s never too late to try something, and with hard work and dedication, one can shine in that.  


    The author of this essay starts about by talking about a commendable woman in India. This warrior is none other than Mary Mangte Kom-the Komqueror and the Komrade. Mary Kom is famed as a five times World Boxing Champion and the only boxer to win a medal in every one of the six world championships.

    The author goes on to list her biographical details. She was born in Kangthei village, Moirang Lamkhai in Churachandpur district of rural Manipur in eastern India. She was born in a poor family of tenant farmers who worked in jhum fields. Her father was a keen wrestler in his younger age which led to her eager interest in athletics.

    Mary Kom’s career started in 2000 after her victory in the Manipur State women’s boxing championship and the regional championship in West Bengal. 

    She was only 18 years old when she made her international debut at the first AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship in United States, winning a silver medal in the 48 kg weight category. For generations to come, Kom is recognized as an idol and a source of inspiration to all. In the 2012 Olympics, she became the first Indian woman boxer to qualify and win a bronze medal in the 51 kg flyweight category of Boxing.


    Mary Kom talked about her preparation for the Olympics and her elation at winning a medal in an Exclusive interview with Sportskeeda correspondent Taruka Srivastava. The interviewee started by asking Mary Kom how she felt after being the first Indian to win an Olympic medal for boxing. Mary Kom replied by saying that she felt happy; “I am just so exhilarated.”

    The interviewee then asked her that Mary’s coach had not been allowed at the Olympics and did that put any sort of pressure on her, to which Mary replied that did not at all and that she feel quite at ease. The interviewee then said that as she was practicing with the male boxers would she name a favorite, to which Mary Kom sportingly said that she enjoyed sparring with all of them and to name a favorite would be unfair.

    The interviewee then asked if Mary thought the dodgy judgment led to her loss in the semi finals. Mary replied “Yes, I think some of the decisionswere unfortunate and did not work to my benefit.” Mary was then asked what kind of change is required to help win medals at a fairly high populated country.

    Mary said : I think more and more people should take up sports as a full-time career if we want more gold medals. The interviewee then asked some important questions about whether boxing will soon become more than just an event in India, to which Mary replied that in the following years it would gain as much popularity as needed. The interviewee then asked Mary Kom about her diet which Mary Kom said The awareness is growing

    Now among the female athletes when it comes to nutritional requirements. Nutrition has definitely been a neglected area in Indian sports. Mary Kom had her self gained three kgs in order to compete in the 51 Kgs event. Mary Kom then said that OGQ played an important part in her success.

    They took care of everything, which helped her focus on her boxing and kept her stress-free. When asked about her future plans, Mary said that though sometimes it gets difficult to manage her twins, I love being a mom. That’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.


    Through this essay and interview, the author has tried to inspire the readers about how women can break the stereotypes set down by the society. The author poses Mary Kom as an inspiration to the readers and to generations to come. He hopes to inspire people that it’s never too late to chase after their dreams and that one should work hard to attend their goals.          

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