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What things do grown ups say?

What things do grown ups say?

1 Answer

  1. In the poem Chivvy, the grown-ups say various things like:

    1. Speak up
    2. Don’t talk with your mouth full
    3. Don’t stare
    4. Don’t point
    5. Don’t pick your nose
    6. Sit up
    7. Say please
    8. Less noise
    9. Shut the door behind you
    10. Don’t drag your feet
    11. Haven’t you got a hankie?
    12. Take your hands out of your pockets
    13. Pull your socks up
    14. Stand up straight
    15. Say thank you
    16. Don’t interrupt
    17. No one thinks you’re funny
    18. Take your elbows off the table

    These things irritate the young child.

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