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What is the theme of The Queen’s Rival?

What is the theme of The Queen’s Rival?

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  1. In the poem The Queen’s Rival, Queen Gulnaar asks her husband to bring her a rival as she is tired of her beauty and joy and luxury. King Feroz bring beautiful brides for her but she still longs for a rival. Finally, when her young daughter takes away her mirror, teases her and runs away, Queen Gulnaar feels good as she finds her rival in her daughter.

    The poem depicts that motherhood is an emotion that every woman on earth needs. In spite of having everything, Queen Gulnaar feels missing something. She remains dissatisfied with her life, her luxury and joy. But when she sees her daughter, she feels good.

    Motherhood is a priceless gift from nature. No money, no joy, no comfort can be compared to the feeling of motherhood. Sarojini Naidu, has explained this well in the poem.

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