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What is the Theme of the poem Search for my Tongue?

What is the Theme of the poem Search for my Tongue?

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  1. The poem by Sujata Bhatt explores what it’s like to live abroad and feel cut off from the local culture. At the beginning of the poem, the poet laments the loss of her native tongue brought on by her current place of residence overseas. The poet believes that in order to feel like herself again, she has to regain an essential part of herself. The poem also discusses emigration and colonialism. The loss of a language can be compared to the loss of a cultural heritage of beliefs and values. Given that Bhatt is Asian, she may refer to the laws and language that colonial India imposed. The poem serves as an explanation and a mode of thought. The poet’s viewpoint has been altered by the poem’s conclusion. The original language is still present in subconscious dreams. In the next two stanzas, the imagery of “Your mother tongue would rot” is inverted, and the “bud” of the mother tongue reopens.

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