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What is the theme of the poem Miniver Cheevy?

What is the theme of the poem Miniver Cheevy?

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    The main theme of the poem is showcasing the dangers of idealizing the past. It shows how dangerous nostalgia can be once it gets in the way of a person’s ability to enjoy the present life. The character Miniver serves as a prime example of one being obsessed with the past and is unable to move past that glory. This person is so hung up in the past that he is unable to accept his life as it is in the present times. His expectations supersede the reality he is living in. Miniver harms his own self by alienating from the world and leading an unengaged life. Albeit he is doing so as a means of escaping but it actually leads to an unproductive existence, an existence he is unable to enjoy. In spite of being attracted to the glorious deeds of the past, he does nothing to inculcate that in his real life. He is also unable to distinguish between specific historical periods. He is only keen on glorifying the grandeur of the past times and claiming them to be superior to everyday experience in modern times. The poem, through this character, warns the readers that over romanticizing the past leads them to nowhere apart from a sense of apathy which can wholly disrupt their lives.  Miniver Cheevy Summary

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