What is the setting of the story Salvatore?

What is the setting of the story Salvatore?

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    William Somerset Maugham wrote a simple story, “Salvatore”, where the narrator of the story held our attention of an ordinary fisherman, Salvatore, till the very end. He started the story by talking about a fifteen-year old Salvatore, the eldest son of an Italian fisherman. Salvatore led a carefree life of lying in the beach and swimming to his heart’s content but acting as a nursemaid to his two younger brothers. Salvatore soon fell in love with a young girl and was betrothed to her. Then one day, Salvatore left his home to become a sailor in the navy of King Victor Emanuel. This was the first time he left home and it was difficult for him, a man of nature to live amidst strangers in a battleship. He missed his home and the girl he loved. When he went to China, Salvatore fell ill and the doctors said it was some form of rheumatism and that he would never again be quite well. Salvatore did not care for that as this ailment meant he would go back to his home and be reunited with that girl. However when he arrived home, he learnt from the girl that she could never marry a man who would never be able to work like a man. Though heartbroken, Salvatore never blamed the girl. He soon moved past it and got married to a twenty-four or twenty-five year old woman called Assunta. Both of them settled down in a tiny house in the middle of a vineyard and were blessed with two boys. Salvatore worked hard to make a living by being a fisherman and working at the vineyard simultaneously. Sometimes his rheumatism made him suffer so much that he could do nothing but lie down on the beach. He never complained and even through the pain, Salvatore smiled at all the people who passed by. He was very kind and careful with his two children and never said an unpleasant word either to his family or to the others. The narrator wanted to show that Salvatore had nothing but goodness in his heart. This humble quality of his shone radiantly in him and he had never seen anyone half as good as Salvatore.

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