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What is the setting of the story Fritz?

What is the setting of the story Fritz?

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    The narrator and Jayanto had been close friends since childhood and for a very long time they had been planning to go on a trip together. Finally they decided to go to Bundi. Jayanto had been excited to go to Bundi as he would be returning to the place where he grew up, as an adult. Jayanto and the narrator, Shankar stayed up at a circuit house and slowly, Jayanto’s memories of his childhood started coming back to him. One day while taking a stroll in the garden, he suddenly remembered a particular deodar tree and went in search of it. Shankar then asked him why was he searching for the tree, to which Jayanto replied that he didn’t know that but the fact that there was some connection with the tree. In the evening, Jayanto recalled the whole business about the doll. His uncle had bought him a twelve-inch-long Swiss doll, who went with the name Fritz. Though he had many toys in his childhood, Fritz had been the closest companion to Jayanto. They were inseparable and he talked to and treated Fritz as a fellow human being. One day, he found that some dogs were playing tug-of-war with Fritz, who became destroyed beyond recognition and Jayanto buried him underneath the deodar tree. Later that night, when they were sleeping, the narrator woke up at a slight noise and saw Jayanto already sitting up. On asking him what was wrong, Jayanto had replied that he woke up as something had walked over his chest. In the next morning, Jayanto remained restless and agitated. Shankar asked him what the matter was to which Jayanto said that Fritz had come to his room last night and it was him who walked over Jayanto’s chest. To ease his friend’s mind, Shankar came up with an idea. He said they should go dig up the spot beneath the tree where Fritz was buried and show Jayanto the remains of the doll to prove him what he was imagining was all in his head. They found a gardener who agreed to do the digging. However, when the ground was dug, all they saw a twelve-inch-long, perfectly white human skeleton lying on the ground.

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